We are embarking on a once in a generation project to transform Chapel Street into one of the great streets of the world. Chapel Street is an iconic Melbourne destination offering a diverse and vibrant range of specialist retail, hospitality, entertainment and residential living. It is one of our City’s greatest assets, but the vibrancy of past decades has diminished and now is the time to reimagine what Chapel Street could be, with a new place-based approach. The vision for this broader area seeks to create a thriving, creative and unique cultural destination that fosters a strong sense of community pride and belonging.

Throughout this project, we will be conducting engagement to feed insights to the design team and inform the masterplan, which we have engaged specialist consultant, Hassell Studio, to assist us in developing.

We are excited to share that the initial stage of our information gathering stage is now been complete and an Insights and Opportunities Paper prepared. This paper is a comprehensive mapping and analysis of all data we've gathered to date and provides us with a comprehensive overview of the current state of Chapel Street. This is available in the Background Documents section.

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If you have any feedback or questions on the documents please contact Jes Dyer, Stakeholder and Engagement Advisor for Chapel Street Transformation via jdyer@stonnington.vic.gov.au

What's been done so far?

The preliminary stage of our Chapel Street Transformation Project has been completed. The purpose of this initial stage was to investigate and research to help define the scope, project delivery requirements and key moves for the project. This involved an extensive understanding of background issues and opportunities affecting the precinct.

The findings of this initial stage have been collated in an Insights and Opportunities Report.

The report builds on previous and currents studies such as the 'Re-discover Chapel Street Masterplan' and the 'Place Led Economic Development (PLED) Strategy'.

The document was prepared through a collaboration with key stakeholders, sub-consultants and Council. With inputs from Left Bank Co (specialists in complex urban regeneration and development projects), the report was informed by stakeholder and community feedback which well help to refine the scope of the project and sphere of future consultations.

What's next?

The next stage of the project is the development of the Masterplan. Everything that has been done so far, the initial research and the community engagement visioning consultation, will be collated and analysed to inform the design of the masterplan.

In March, we will be coming back to the community on the Vision for the project. This will focus on Chapel Street as a whole as well various precinct-level strategies and prioritisation of identity elements.

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