Introducing the Project (June 2022 - January 2023)

The focus of this touchpoint was to introduce the project to key stakeholders and get them to start thinking about their contribution to the project. It focused on fact-finding to inform future engagement and launching the project to the broader community.

For this stage of the project we prepared the Insights and Opportunities report. This provides a comprehensive mapping and analysis of all data we've gathered to date and provides us with a comprehensive overview of the current state of Chapel Street.

Additional reports prepared by individual consultants to inform the paper are also available below.

Investigation and research

The preliminary stage of our Chapel Street Transformation Project has been completed. The purpose of this initial stage was to investigate and research to help define the scope, project delivery requirements and key moves for the project. This involved an extensive understanding of background issues and opportunities affecting the precinct.

The findings of this initial stage have been collated in an Insights and Opportunities report.

The report builds on previous and currents studies such as the 'Re-discover Chapel Street Masterplan' and the 'Place Led Economic Development (PLED) Strategy'.

The document was prepared through a collaboration with key stakeholders, sub-consultants and Council. With inputs from Left Bank Co (specialists in complex urban regeneration and development projects), the report was informed by stakeholder and community feedback which well help to refine the scope of the project and sphere of future consultations.

Background documents

Together these background documents seek to outline the strategic context, opportunities and challenges facing the transformation of Chapel Street.