Implementing change

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a workplace plan aimed at delivering tangible benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples using Council’s sphere of influence.

Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan (2022-24) aims to implement change. It is built on the achievements of our previous plans and demonstrates our commitment to continuing our journey towards Reconciliation.

An Innovate RAP focuses on:

  • strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • piloting strategies for further reconciliation commitments
  • empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The RAP follows the Reconciliation Australia ‘Innovate’ template, which provides structure surrounding the focus areas of building relationships and respect within the community, providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and governance structures to ensure organisations are kept accountable for achieving their goals.

See RAP 2022 - 24 for further information.

With the current Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) coming to an end we are commencing the development of the RAP (2025-27).

We will work closely with Reconciliation Australia, Traditional Custodians, local community groups and our community to refine the actions in the new RAP.

Whilst most actions are determined by Reconciliation Australia, we would like to hear your ideas on advancing Reconciliation in Stonnington from a community perspective. Please note, some actions may be outside Council’s role or jurisdiction. In this instance, Council’s role will be to advocate for change.

Privacy Statement

The information requested in this survey is being collected by Council for the purpose of the community consultation process for the Reconciliation Action Plan.

To find out how your personal information will be used by Council please visit the privacy policy page.

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