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We’re seeking your feedback regarding the potential sale of the property at 1 Thurso Street, Malvern East.

The former City of Malvern purchased the land in 1972 ahead of the construction development of the Monash Freeway and as part of the subsequent redesign of the Malvern Valley Golf Course. A dwelling was subsequently built in 1986 and used as on-course accommodation for the resident green-keeper. However, in recent years the land has been used for storage purposes and, since 2022, has been leased to a residential tenant.

At our May council meeting, it was agreed to seek community feedback on the potential sale of the property.

The proposal is that Council will sell the land by public auction and any proceeds be reinvested in capital works with the City of Stonnington.

Following the conclusion of this consultation, a report will be presented to Council for consideration.

Consultation is now closed.

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