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Council resolution of 31 July 2023 proposed amendments to the Governance Rules in relation to Chapter 2, Part C - Meeting Procedure, Division 8 - Questions from the Community.

The proposed change to Questions from the Community was adopted for community consultation on 20 November 2023 to occur between 27 November to 18 December 2023.

Changes to the Governance Rules are proposed with respect to Questions from the Community.

To assist, a copy of the proposed changes can be accessed on this page, and the full Governance Rules are available: https://www.stonnington.vic.gov.au/About/About-Council/Council-meetings

The main changes are:

  • question time of 30 minutes at each Council Meeting to provide community input and engagement in council decision-making (may be extended by 15mins)
  • the ability to ask questions or make a statement to Council in-person or virtually
  • questions related to agenda items or general items
  • a maximum of two questions/statements per person, and total of three questions on any one topic
  • ability to lodge questions virtually or in hard copy
  • a change in the deadline for questions to be received.

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The personal information requested in this survey is being collected by Council for the purpose of community consultation.

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