Have your say on our draft Housing Strategy

Stonnington’s population is growing and changing. By 2036, it is estimated that an extra 25,860 people will move to Stonnington and will live in an additional 12,950 homes. To prepare for this, we have prepared a draft Stonnington Housing Strategy 2024 that will guide housing change across the municipality and respond to this growth over the next 15 years.

Once completed, the strategy will influence the choice of housing available to current and future residents and aims to make sure that new housing will enhance Stonnington’s valued character and liveability.

Through an initial round of community engagement, we identified seven ‘Key Vision Themes’. You can read the summary here.

These form the basis for the draft strategy. These themes are:

  • neighbourhood character
  • location
  • diversity
  • affordable housing
  • sustainability and design
  • open space and urban greening
  • community Infrastructure.

We now want to hear from you. We invite you to provide feedback below or attend one of our upcoming forums.

Read the draft strategy here.

Stonnington City Council is preparing a new housing strategy. The aim of the strategy is to provide a framework to guide decisions and manage Stonnington’s future housing. The strategy will look at:

  • how many new dwellings are required
  • what types of dwellings are needed
  • where new housing should be located, and
  • other issues such as what infrastructure is needed to support growth.

The housing strategy will influence the choice of housing available to current and future residents - to make sure that new housing is delivered in a way that enhances Stonnington’s character and livability.

It will also set out a plan to make sure housing meets the needs of everyone in our community, including young people, families, older people and vulnerable communities.

We are developing the strategy in stages, including two stages of community consultation:

  • Issues & Opportunities: identifies issues and opportunities drawing from an analysis of population forecasts, development trends, local and State Government policy, and feedback from council officers, Councillors and State Government service providers
  • Community Engagement Stage 1: informs drafting of the strategy
  • Draft Housing Strategy: considers community engagement outcomes and changing State Government policy, and includes a neighbourhood character review and peer review
  • Community Engagement Stage 2: community feedback sought on draft strategy (current)
  • Final Housing Strategy
  • Implementation of Housing Strategy

Find a property

Find out what’s proposed for a property

Enter an address or click an area on the map below to see which housing change area has been proposed for a residential property. You can use the map below by either:

  • entering an address in the address bar, or
  • clicking on a property directly on the map.

You will be able to view information which outlines the proposed housing change area, including the change area description and strategic directions for potential future zoning and height.

Please note: Any formal/statutory changes to zoning and height are not proposed as part of this process, and will be subject to a separate planning scheme amendment process at a later stage.

Do you have a question about a specific property? Fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in contact.


Attend a forum

Join us at one of our Housing Strategy Community Forums to find out more about the draft Housing Strategy and have your say.

Each forum will run for 2.5 hours and will include a short presentation as well as small group discussions focussed on the themes identified in the draft Strategy. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Registrations are essential, so please use the links below to register for the forum you would like to attend.

Thursday 16 May Register here

Thursday 23 May Register here

Tuesday 28 May Register here


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