Stonnington Developer Contribution Plan – Amendment C296ston

Council continues to progress Planning Scheme Amendment C296ston, which proposes to introduce the Stonnington Development Contribution Plan (DCP) to the Stonnington Planning Scheme, as a mechanism to equitably levy contributions from new developments to go towards the provision of planned infrastructure required to accommodate the needs of a growing population.

The DCP would require developers to provide a monetary contribution to infrastructure upgrades and community facilities like roads, footpaths, drainage and community facilities (for example, an Aquatic Centre upgrade)..

Each contribution would be spent within the charge area (Stonnington's 9 suburbs) that the new development is being built, to ensure that existing and future local residents benefit. The plan would apply to all new residential dwellings (not renovations to or replacement of an existing home) as well as commercial and industrial developments where new floor space is being added.

An extensive list of infrastructure projects from Council’s 10 Year Capital Works Program 2020/2021 have been identified as eligible to be funded under the Development Contribution Plan program. The DCP includes 195 projects and will collect approximately $45 million of the estimated total cost of these projects (total cost is approximately $257 million).

Council will be responsible for delivering these projects through to 2040.

Amendment Summary

Following exhibition in February and March 2021, a peer review of the Development Contributions Plan document was undertaken and as a result, some minor changes were proposed to the Plan. The submissions along with the proposed revisions were presented to Council in a meeting on 19 July 2021. Council resolved to refer the Amendment and submissions to an independent Panel for consideration.

An Independent Planning Panel was appointed by the Minister for Planning to consider submissions to Amendment C296ston. The Panel Hearing was held online via Microsoft Teams over the 25, 26 and 28 October. The Panel Report can be found here.

Council considered the conclusions and recommendations set out in the panel report and resolved to adopt the amendment with minor changes. All adopted documentation can be found in the document library on this page. The adopted Amendment has been submitted to the Minister of Planning for final approval.

Development Contribution Plan Calculator

Click here to access a calculator which you can use to provide an estimate for the future Development Contributions Plan Levy. The calculator estimates have been updated to reflect the post-exhibition revisions.

For further information, contact Strategic Planning on 8290 1333 or email