Proposed car share parking - Consultation Outcomes 2023

During May 2023 local community members were invited to provide feedback on a proposal to install a car share parking space in your local area.

The proposal followed an application from a car share operator (received in line with the city's Car Share Policy). Before making a decision Council seeks to understand what community members think, while also assessing the application.

What is car share?

Car share is a service that provides personal or business access to a fleet of cars parked on or off-street for members. Car share is a great alternative to personal car ownership. Vehicles can be rented by the hour or day. Well-developed car share networks can reduce parking demand in the local area, reduce car dependency and encourage walking, cycling and public transport use.

Council supports expanding the local car share network and welcomes suitable applications from eligible operators. Operators are required to demonstrate demand for car share services in the area, as part of their application.

Consultation closed on Monday 22 May 2023 after which all feedback was considered to inform a decision, please see below for the consultation outcomes.

Car Share 2023 - Consultation Outcomes

Learn the results of our the consultation undertaken in May 2023, and the decisions that Council has made in response

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