The feedback we've received so far

The conversations we had...

In May 2021 we asked the community about their walking habits, satisfaction level, barriers to walking and ideas for improvement to help develop a draft Walking Action Plan for Stonnington.

In April 2022 we shared the draft Walking Action Plan with the community to make sure we got it right.You let us know there were a few things missing or that needed to be refined. The details below outline how community feedback influenced the final version of the Walking Action Plan.

For more information on engagement activities or to view the full plan please refer to the City of Stonnington Walking Action Plan.

How we gathered insights

Between May 2021 and July 2022 we undertook two rounds of community consultation to inform the first draft of the action plan and then to refine the details in the plan to ensure we understood the feedback you provided to us. The image below outlines the process we followed to gather insights and prepare the draft plan.

What we heard

The Walking Action Plan was developed through a series of community engagement programs, where the community and stakeholders were invited to share ideas on how to improve the walking environment and encourage people to walk more often. The graphics below outline what you told us...

The changes we made to the Walking Action Plan

As a result of the feedback we received, we made changes to the Walking Action Plan. Some of the key changes are outlined below, but please read the Community Feedback Summary for more detailed information about all of the changes we made.

Changes to Walking Action Plan in response to community feedback....

Next Steps

On Monday 11 July 2022 Council adopted the Walking Action Plan. Council will begin to implement the initiatives outlined in the plan.

Informed by community feedback the new eight-year plan will help shape Council’s investment and decision making to create an inclusive and accessible Stonnington walking network to benefit all.

The Walking Action Plan sets in place the vision, strategic priorities and actions that will help make Stonnington a ‘recognised walkable city where pedestrians are at the heart of how the city operates’, by 2030.