Windsor Siding BMX track
Design finalised and engagement complete

The redesign of the Windsor Siding BMX track has been finalised, following community consultation on the draft.

View the Windsor Siding BMX track final design

What's next

Construction of the redesigned BMX track is planned for 2023. To follow the construction phase visit the Windsor Siding master plan page on our website.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the consultation and helped deliver the final BMX track design, which brings to a close engagement on the design.


Since opening in late 2016, the Windsor Siding BMX track has been a big hit with the local community and a popular spot for families and BMX enthusiasts.

However, over the years the track surface deteriorated to the point where it needed to be upgraded. This presented an opportunity to revisit the design - modify the layout to make it safer and more accessible to users of all ages and skill levels, and change the surface to a smooth bitumen, creating a multi-sport facility for BMX, skateboarding and scooters.

A draft design for the BMX track upgrade was prepared and, in late-2021, we consulted with local residents and track users on the draft design

What we heard was residents and users liked what they saw, but wanted the new track surface to be a colour that would fit better the surrounding natural environment.

We took this feedback, refined the design and changed the surface to an earthy reddish/brown - a colour more in keeping with the landscape.

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Consultation has now concluded