Have your say about how community venues for hire are used

Share your views to help us develop a Venues for Hire Policy that aligns with community values and expectations. 

The City of Stonnington operates community facilities that serve as spaces for not-for-profit community groups, commercial entities, and individuals to meet, connect and engage in a range of activities and programs.

Many of our community facilities are also available to the public as venues for hire.

To ensure we are taking a best practice approach to hiring out our community facilities we are developing a Venues for Hire Policy and want your help.

The Venues for Hire Policy will cover the community facilities listed below.

Not included are commercial properties we lease which have contractual lease agreements in place.

With community input the Venues for Hire Policy will be:

  • contemporary
  • best practice for the management of venues for hire
  • consistent with relevant laws and legislation
  • aligned to values outlined in key Stonnington policies, plans and action plans.

Get involved

Share your ideas and expectations around the use of community facilities when hired out to the public.

By 1 September you can:

  • complete a short online survey,
  • sign up to a focus group discussion.

Share your ideas and help us make how our venues are used better.

To make your views count, complete the survey by 1 September 2023.

Community facilities covered by the Venues for Hire Policy

  • Grattan Gardens Community-Centre

  • Malvern Banquet Hall

  • Malvern Community Arts Centre

  • Malvern Library Meeting Room

  • Malvern Town Hall

  • Malvern Town Hall Upper Foyer

  • Orrong Romanis Recreation Centre

  • Penpraze Park Recreation Centre

  • Phoenix Park Community Centre

  • Phoenix Park Library Meeting Room

  • Prahran RSL

  • Toorak South Yarra Library Meeting Room

  • TH King Pavilion

  • Dunlop Pavilion

  • Toorak Park Pavilion

  • Prahran Square

  • Prahran Town Hall

For more information visit the Venues section of our website.

What happens next

At the close of consultation, community feedback and the results of a review of relevant laws, legislation and best practice protocols will inform development of the Venues for Hire Policy and an update to venue conditions of use to reflect community and Council expectations and values.

Feedback or research findings beyond the scope of the review will be collated by independent consultant, Caz McLean, and communicated to the City of Stonnington for consideration.

Privacy statement

The personal information requested in this survey is being collected by Council for the purpose of community consultation.

To find out how your personal information will be used by Council please visit the privacy policy page.

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