Have your say on the installation of lights at Surrey Park oval

Surrey Park oval is a permanent off-leash dog park, and very popular with the surrounding community for exercise and dog walking. Currently the oval has no lighting which means the use of the space for community recreation activities is limited to daylight hours. This particularly affects activities during the winter months when it’s generally dark by early evening.

Local residents have requested the installation of street level lighting on the oval to improve safety and extend the usability of the park for pet owners.

In response, Council is proposing to install lighting at the oval within the park. The lights proposed are low-spill, street level fixtures to suit community recreation activities.

Before making a decision on this proposal we are asking the community to have their say. We invite you to complete a survey or quick poll to help us gauge support for the oval lighting proposal.


The Surrey Park oval lighting survey is now closed!

Feedback on the Surrey Park oval lighting proposal will close Sunday 26 March.

If you have any questions please contact the Landscape Projects Team on 8290 1333 or email urbandesign@stonnington.vic.gov.au

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