South Yarra Siding Reserve

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the review of the dog off-leash designation at South Yarra Siding Reserve.

On 5 June Council resolved to remove the park’s off-leash designation and to review how the space functions as an on-leash park in 12 months.

This decision responds to feedback from the community and concerns about user safety, particularly with the introduction of pedestrian and cycle paths within the park.

During the consultation, we also received a range of other suggestions for the park including planting more trees, more shaded areas, passive recreation options and opportunities for community events. These suggestions will be taken into consideration when developing a concept design for a small pocket park we plan to build in the South Yarra area.

Feedback on this consultation is now closed. We will review this decision in 12 months.

Community input on ideas to inform the pocket park design will be sought later this year, at which time we will invite community members to submit their ideas.


South Yarra Siding Reserve is reopening late 2023-2024 as a new open space for Stonnington!

Prior to being taken over as part of Metro Tunnel works in 2018, the reserve was a small, heavily sloping and poorly landscaped park that had no facilities for the community. Due to its sloping nature and single access point, it provided limited accessibility and safety for the majority of users.

The Metro Tunnel Project, is finalising construction on the new high quality open public space dedicated to passive recreation with vastly improved access and connectivity that creates a modern, safe and inviting open space for our local community.

The new park has been levelled and will include substantial landscaping, lawn areas, shared-use pathways, seating, shade elements and public artwork. There is limited open space in the South Yarra area, so this park has been designed to be accessible for as many user groups as possible.

As part of the handover process for the park from the Metro Tunnel Project to the City of Stonnington, a Road Safety Audit was conducted. The Road Safety Audit identified a potential risk to both dogs and cyclists if dogs were to be permitted to be off-leash in this park as there is insufficient space to provide a fenced off area. In order to maintain maximum safe, accessible recreation spaces for our community within a safe environment for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers, it is proposed that this park becomes a dog-on-lead area.

There are a number of off-leash locations close to this park, including the new Thomas Oval dedicated and fenced dog off-leash park in South Yarra. A map of near-by off-leash locations can be found here.

We are keen to get your feedback on this new facility, its proposed use and the proposal to make it an on-lead dog space.

Please provide your feedback using the box below by Tuesday 11 April 2023.

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