Council would like to hear from you about where you would like to see power-pole mounted kerbside electric vehicle charging in residential areas and near parks and reserves. We’re especially interested in those who do not have access to off-street parking or those in strata-managed buildings where installing EV chargers would be complex.

We’re looking to compile a list of potential locations for kerbside pole-mounted electric vehicle chargers and want you to be involved.

From 9 October to 31 October you can share locations in residential areas and near parks and reserves you think would be suitable for an EV charger.

Kerbside pole-mounted chargers are more compact than the larger fast-chargers installed in off-street car parks and can be installed in local streets next to on-street car parking spaces. These chargers are slower and best suited to overnight or longer-term charging.

This project supports our commitment to increasing the uptake of electric vehicles through the provision of convenient electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Don’t miss your chance to share your suggestions for conveniently located EV chargers in your neighbourhood.

The City of Stonnington is committed to supporting the adoption and use of electric vehicles (EV) by improving access to EV charging stations. Council recognises the many benefits to increased adoption of electric vehicles such as reducing vehicle emissions as well as lower air and noise pollution. Ensuring there is sufficient public EV charging infrastructure in place is key to boosting ownership of EVs.

Council recently endorsed its Electric Vehicle Charging Plan. This outlined that Council will work with EV infrastructure providers to help develop a fast-charging network (those that can recharge most vehicles in 30 minutes to 1 hour) focused on activity centres to meet forecasted demand. More information on the proposed rollout plan for activity centres is available in the Plan and this project is currently underway.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Plan also outlined that Council will investigate and trial models that would provide additional support for those without off-street parking such as kerbside chargers, such as the power-pole mounted example shown on the right-hand side (or below on a mobile device), are small footprint chargers provided to on-street parking spaces. They provide a relatively slow charging speed and are most suited to overnight or longer-term charging. These chargers would likely be provided in partnership with EV infrastructure providers on a paid basis and provide universal charging systems not assigned to any particular vehicle manufacturer. Council is starting to gather information on this project so it is ready for if and when grants or other funded trial opportunities are available.

Dynamic Online Map: Please drop a pin onto the map below as close as possible to where you would like to see a kerbside electric vehicles charger. You can also up-vote or down-vote existing pins if you support/do not support a location. In addition we would like to learn more about who has provided the input if you can complete a short survey when adding your pin.

To make you views count, let us know what you think of the proposed change by 31 October.

Your suggestions will help us compile a list of locations we can use for funding or partnership opportunities when they become available, and to deliver more EV charging options for the community, particularly those without off-street parking and charging.

Existing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Council currently manages 2 electric vehicle charging stations; one at Prahran Square and the other next to the Malvern Town Hall at 290 Glenferrie Road. There are also several other privately owned and operated electric vehicle charging stations around Stonnington such as at Chadstone Shopping Centre and Malvern Central Shopping Centre.

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