Healthy Streets

We're planning to trial Healthy Streets in our neighbourhoods and would like to hear from community members who want to work with us to give their street a Healthy Streets makeover.

What is Healthy Streets

Healthy Streets recognises the way our streets, look, feel, and operate influences how people use them and that by making streets safer and more inviting has health benefits, with people more likely to use them for healthy activities such as walking and bike-riding.

Healhty Streets recognises better designed streets and better managed car traffic improves road safety, reduces through traffic, provides more opportunities for social connections, adds more space for greenery and nature and reduces air and noise pollution.

The Healthy Streets approach acknowledges there are many way to better balance how our streets operate and that how this is delivered will be different on each street and will require input and action by a range of stakeholders.

Healthy Street Indicator and examples

Healthy Street initiatives are guided by the below Healthy Streets indicators. Some examples of Healthy Streets trials undertaken elsewhere are also provided.

Examples of Healthy Streets

Open Streets include many of the same aspects of Healthy Streets but are generally pop-ups or events focused on streets surrounding schools during pick-up and drop-off times.

Council has held a successful trial of Open Streets in the streets surrounding Lloyd Street Primary School in February 2023. Future events will be held at Lloyd Street Primary School in February and in April and May at Malvern Primary School and Malvern Valley Primary School. If you enjoyed your local Open Streets event and would like something similar on your local street, Council would like to hear from you.

Council’s Walking Action Plan (please see in sidebar, refer to sections Strategic Priority 1 and Action 1.4) includes an action to trial Healthy Streets which is also aligned with the Future Stonnington Council Plan. To develop this trial, Council is asking for expressions-of-interest from residents across the municipality before undertaking a co-design process with shortlisted streets over the course of 2024.

Council will work with residents to understand what they like or think needs improving on their street based on the above Healthy Streets indicators, assess what changes are possible, and gauge support for these changes. Council will assess all responses but will only progress with 1 or 2 streets where there is the most support and which are most suitable to a Healthy Streets trial. For example, a trial will only be possible on a Council-managed local road. Trial/pop-up changes would follow in 2025 depending on the outcomes of the co-design process.

All feedback will be collated by Council and streets assessed for suitability, community support and scope to implement healthy streets initiatives. Council will contact successful applicants to outline the next steps for the co-design trial once Council has finished its assessments.

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