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Council resolution of 6 May 2024 proposed amendments to the Governance Rules in relation to Chapter 7 Election Period Policy.

The revised Election Period Policy was adopted for community consultation on 6 May 2024 to occur between 7 May 2024 to 28 May 2024.

Changes to the Governance Rules are proposed with respect to Election Period Policy only.

To assist, a copy of the proposed changes can be accessed on this page, and the full Governance Rules are available: https://www.stonnington.vic.gov.au/About/About-Council/Council-meetings

The main changes are:

  1. The modification (suspension) of certain procedures at Council meetings during the election period, to mitigate the risk of (a) Council publishing electoral matter and (b) intended or unintended electioneering by Councillors, candidates or others.
  2. The procedures recommended for suspension include Notices of Motion, Public Question Time, Delegate/Councillor Reports, Correspondence, Petitions/Joint Letter and Councillor Question Time.

  1. Introduction removed and purpose amended to give more context.
  2. Removal of 4 1/2 pages of definitions with terms now defined where appropriate in the body of the Policy (with some listed at end of document).
  3. Addition of new sections (what the policy is designed to achieve, operation of policy and scope).
  4. Accountability updated to include the role of Councillors, Chief Executive Officer and staff.
  5. Inclusion of other decisions that will be avoided during the Election Period (in addition to those prohibited under the Act).
  6. Inclusion of considerations for officers making delegated decisions.
  7. Suspension of the following protocols at Council meetings during the Election Period:
    1. Audio and livestream recordings on Council’s website (no statutory requirement to make available and will be uploaded at the conclusion of the Election Period). Note: meetings will continue to be livestreamed in ‘real-time’.
    2. Notices of Motion by Councillors.
    3. Public Question Time.
    4. Questions by Councillors.
    5. Correspondence.
    6. Reports by Councillor Delegates.
    7. Tabling of petitions or joint letters.
  8. Addition of protocols for Council Advisory, Reference Committees and Working Groups, Councillor representation on external committees and Councillor Briefing sessions.
  9. Process for review and approval of Council publications included.
  10. Clarity around the information that will be provided on Council’s website.
  11. Reference to Protocols having been developed for managing Council’s corporate social media and online channels included.
  12. Additional information around public events staged by external bodies, speeches and keynote addresses and publication of promotional material.
  13. More detail provided around use of Council resources.
  14. Information included about election process related enquiries.
  15. Addition of ‘Suspension of matters during the election period’.
  16. More detail added regarding misuse of position and breaches.
  17. Addition of application of Policy to by-elections (electoral review determined single-member wards to apply for 2024 election).
  18. Addition of provision allowing administrative updates without the need for Council resolution.
  19. Addition of related legislation and documentation.
  20. Addition of key terms/definitions.

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