Keeping Stonnington residents connected via non-car-based transport and the public transport network is a key priority for Council.

A majority of Stonnington residents are within 400 metres of at least one public transport route, with five train lines across 15 stations, nine tram routes and 24 bus routes. With limited scope to expand the road network, and high rates of car usage, the increased number of trips into, around and across Stonnington will rely on an integrated transport strategy to maintain movement around the city.

Our planning scheme addresses topics such as:

  • Dedicated bike and pedestrian paths (cycling infrastructure)
  • Parking
  • Quality and availability of public transport
  • Traffic management (speed limits, car-free streets, etc.)
  • Reducing dependence on cars
  • How to meet demand for more parking and road infrastructure vs environmental demand for public transport, pedestrian and cycling.

Since our last review, the following policies have been adopted by Council:

  • Integrated Transport Plan
  • Transport policy adopted by Council (2022)
  • Walking action plan (2022)
  • Cycling action plan
  • Public transport advocacy document 2018
  • Wayfinding implementation to assist with walking and cycling
  • Car share policy
  • Narrow streets policy and local area traffic plans

A Parking action plan is also under development.