Residential housing is the most dominant type of land use in Stonnington and is made up of four different zone types: residential growth, general residential, neighbourhood residential and mixed use. Housing is also located in Activity Centres.

Our planning scheme addresses topics such as:

  • Appropriate development/responsible development
  • Affordable and diverse housing
  • Development density
  • Development height
  • Location for growth/also access to open space

Since our last review we have commenced and continued to progress the Housing Strategy.

The document provides guidance on appropriate development and how we will distribute new housing and growth to areas best located to accommodate a growing population with access to services and transport.

It includes a refresh of Council’s Neighbourhood Character areas, which will be updated to ensure we capture character elements most important to the community.

Council officers are currently revising a draft Housing Strategy for community consultation in 2023.

We are also progressing our Neighbourhood Activity Centre Framework (NACF).

This provides a framework for local activity centres that will access and create potential to accommodate growth, looks at how these centres support surrounding residential areas, and how we can create successful and thriving local centres.