The City of Stonnington has the second lowest amount of open space per capita in Victoria and this divide will continue to grow as more developments are approved. The municipality has no regional open space.

As the number of developments in the municipality continues to increase, the monitoring of the ‘urban heat island’ temperatures will become increasingly important as private gardens and open space are converted to new medium density developments.

Our planning scheme addresses topics such as:

  • More open space/more pocket parks
  • Better use of open space across all activities
  • Accessibility for all
  • Green roofs
  • Community gardens/gardening

Since our last review we have commenced work on our Open Space Strategy (OSS). The new OSS will review, update and replace the existing Public Realm Strategy. The project looks at open space in a holistic way and seeks ways to create new open space, understand how we use open space, and try to find ways to better use existing open space.

Strategies for Creating Open Space (SCOS) is an ongoing project that seeks to acquire and convert new open space where it is most needed.

We anticipate that initial consultation to seek community feedback on this strategy will occur late 2022 or 2023.