Stonnington has a very distinct neighbourhood character. From its leafy streetscapes to heritage buildings and unique shopping precincts, our challenge is to preserve and build on this character for generations to come.

Our planning scheme addresses topics such as:

  • Protecting, enhancing and conserving distinctive characters
  • Importance of leafy streetscapes and interface of private and public land
  • Growth in suitable locations
  • Materials and design in residential streets respecting character and heritage
  • Building siting to respond to established street patterns

Stonnington’s neighbourhood character will be reviewed as part of the Housing Strategy. From our initial consult and feedback received, we will seek to:

  • protect and conserve characters important to the Stonnington Community
  • create more room for landscaping and tree planting
  • direct growth to areas most suitable to service a growing population.

We will seek further feedback on the draft housing strategy and neighbourhood character in 2023.