Creative Stonnington 2023 - 2026: Arts & Culture Strategy

Creative Stonnington 2023-26 is being developed to shape the City of Stonnington’s creative future by demonstrating our commitment to being a creative city that recognises the community and economic impact of arts and culture.

We want your input to help inform the development of the draft strategy.

We have set out below our proposed vision, strategic goals and themes so far. Now it's your turn to help inform our priorities and outcomes, and give us your ideas for creative activities.

Research and Consultation

To discover what is most important to the community for creative arts and culture we have drawn valuable insight from existing Council plans and comprehensive consultation data including audience surveys, the substantive work that went into our Community Vision and Council Plan, as well as targeted interviews and focus groups with creative organisations and practitioners that live, work and present in Stonnington.


A Creative Stonnington is a vibrant, imaginative and inclusive city of culture, where people are inspired, informed and connected through creative expression and shared experience.

Strategic goals

The strategic goals of Creative Stonnington directly align with the Council Plan 2021-25 with shared focus on community, place and city.

Creative Stonnington 2023-26

Council Plan 2021-25

A community connected through creativity


An inclusive and healthy community

Vibrant places that attract discovery


A thriving and unique place

Dynamic cultural and creative industries


A people-centred and future ready city

What we have heard so far

Key themes from our research and consultation include:

  • Festivals and events are highly valued by our community.
  • The diversity of arts and culture in Stonnington is appreciated.
  • The community wants a safe environment, with access to everything locally.
  • Environmental action is important to the community and sector.
  • Prahran Square is valued as a community and cultural destination.
  • Council is seen as proactive and supportive of the arts, culture and creative industries.
  • Chapel Off Chapel is considered one of Victoria's leading performing arts venues.
  • A need for studio/rehearsal spaces and arts-based professional development.
  • Greater promotion of arts and cultural experiences and opportunities.

Community consultation

Learn more about the feedback received during the first stage of community consultation