Shaping Stonnington's creative future

Arts and Culture is key to supporting community health and wellbeing through creative expression and the social connections it encourages. Community life is celebrated through events, activities and performances, and the economic prosperity of Stonnington is promoted through cultural tourism and creative industries.

We are preparing a new Arts and Culture Strategy that will shape the City of Stonnington’s creative future. The Strategy will provide the framework for our arts and culture initiatives and programs for the next four years.

We would like to thank our creative community and key stakeholders for their insights and ideas that inform the developing strategy to support our creative sector, enrich our community’s experience, and attract visitation from Melbourne and beyond.

We have engaged the Creative Development Network to conduct sector research and consolidate a broad range of community engagement insights. Working together we will produce a framework to guide Stonnington’s creative development and evaluate activity.

We are drafting the Strategy in the coming months and look forward to receiving your feedback and commentary once presented to Council.