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15 June 2022

At its meeting on 30 May 2022 Council adopted the City of Stonnington's Asset Plan.

This brings to a close community engagement on the draft Asset Plan, that was delivered via an online survey throughout April and into early-May 2022.

The feedback we received was valuable in giving us an understanding about what is important to the community, and was used to refine the draft Plan before it was presented for Council approval.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the engagement and helped us deliver an Asset Plan that will ensure important community assets continue to be managed at a very high standard.

View the Asset Plan here.

Work will now begin on developing a Strategic Asset Management Framework to elevate our systems, data, process and resources to a more proactive and sustainable management of assets, and improve how we plan our asset maintenance and renewal programs over the short-, medium- and long-term.

More information and engagement opportunities will be available as we develop the Strategic Asset Management Framework.

Draft Asset Plan engagement - April/May 2022

Have your say on how community assets are managed

Share your views on how we manage the road and path networks, the stormwater drainage system, parks and buildings.

We’ve prepared a draft Asset Plan that provides a strategic and financial view of how we propose to manage our portfolio of important community assets over their lifecycle. Before finalising the document would like to hear your thoughts on the plan.

This long-term plan documents how we manage infrastructure assets – roads, paths, drainage, parks and buildings – with service level standards that inform maintenance regimes and acquisition, renewal, expansion and disposal of assets.

The draft Asset Plan is our overarching plan that beings together all infrastructure asset classes and supports the Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework (ISPRF) provisions in the Local Government Act 2020

How to have your say

View the draft Asset Plan and give feedback by Monday 2 May.

At the close of consultation, all feedback will be considered ahead of the draft being presented for Council endorsement later this year.