Background information

Consultation is now closed

We are conducting a minor review of Stonnington's General Local Law.

The existing law is not due to expire until July 2028, however we have identified a number of enhancements that if introduced, will help us work more effectively, efficiently and transparently.

The proposed enhancements include:

  • aligning the Local Law with new requirements of the Local Government Act 2020
  • introducing a new permit appeals process to provide continuous improvement and greater transparency
  • reviewing our Footpath Trading Policy

There are approximately 20 proposed changes and we are keen to hear your thoughts. Read about the changes below and have your say on the survey linked here before 7 May 2023.

The proposed changes

Consultation is now closed

Each of the sections below provides detailed information about the existing law, the proposed changes and what they mean.

Click on the learn more link under each box to access the information then complete the survey below.

Privacy statement

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by Council for the purpose of facilitating the community engagement process for the Local Law Review 2023. The personal information will be used by Council for that primary purpose or directly related purposes.

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