We know that hard waste collections are important for residents in Stonnington as they’re a chance to clear out things that wouldn’t fit in our normal waste collection. They’re also an opportunity to ‘freecycle’ items that other households don’t have use for anymore.

Currently we coordinate two blanket collections across Stonnington each year in autumn and spring. A blanket collection means that households in a neighbourhood are given a date range to place their items out for collection.

Many other councils around Melbourne have changed to a booked service for each household, meaning households can book a time when it works for them rather than waiting for the next collection window. This adds additional flexibility for people moving or cleaning out a garage or spare room.

Importantly, the hard rubbish collection for spring 2021 will continue as normal – households will receive information about this closer to the date. You can also check online for information.

So now we’re asking our residents how they’d like hard waste collections structured.

What are the options?

We’re asking you if you would prefer your hard waste collection:

  • Kept as two Stonnington wide blanket collections during autumn and spring
  • Moved to a service where households can book two pickups during the calendar year when it suits them
  • Moved to a mix of both – one Stonnington wide collection and one booked service for each household when it suits them
Our commitment
  • That there will still be two hard rubbish collections each year
  • That this will continue to be covered by the waste charge collected through Council rates (no additional charge)
  • That the booking system will be flexible and offer online and over the phone options (if we change)
Why we’re asking
  • To understand a preference from our community
  • We’ve seen booking systems introduced successfully at other councils across Melbourne and they have the potential to provide residents with flexibility and convenience
  • Booked services are shown to reduce the amount of waste that Councils send to landfill
  • There’s a potential saving of approximately $200,000 each year from moving to a booked service that could be re-invested elsewhere in our community

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